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Products for moments that matter!



We don't sell things, we send joy.

At Butlerbell we have a passion for unique and beautiful products. These are primarily intended as gifts for your loved ones. If you count yourself among them, they're for you too! Our shopping department is determined to provide you with the best gift ideas.


You will always find a piece of jewelry here!


We offer our customers diverse and unique design options that will make your home or your loved one's home special. Feel free to spend some time on our website and discover our creative products.


☛  Salt for happiness and pepper for love
as good wishes for the wedding, moving in or birthdays. Who would not want that?


☛  Product functionality is undoubtedly the focus at Butlerbell - from the choice of materials, to the versatile usability, to the unique look and feel.


☛  The salt and pepper mill set has a step-by-step manually adjustable ceramic grinder that guarantees a uniform grain size from coarse to fine, depending on the level.


☛  In order to save you effort, this unique product is delivered in an elegant gift box.


☛  YOU DO GOOD with us. We donate part of the income for environmental protection .



The Gift Experts

Butlerbell offers an exquisite and curated selection of gift products that are constantly evolving to meet the needs of our customers.

To ensure our stocks are always up to date, we work with the best brands and designers in the business.

Do you have a product idea? Share it with us on our support page and if we make it happen you'll get it for free plus 100 EUR.